Collaborative solutions and services

in the Supply Chain to improve visibility on products and processes, share informations between companies, establish and consolidate trusting relationships with consumers.

Digital Supply Chain

In order to meet the needs of transparency, sustainability
and the circular economy, we have developed

Cloud IoT platform for Supply Chain Transparency that uses advanced technologies and methodologies: Blockchain, Microservices, Big Data, Internet of Things, according to the Industry 4.0.

XTAP services can be used by all production and distribution chains that want to achieve goals of excellence, collaborating with supply chain partners, taking competitive advantage from data sharing, inter-company relationships and the optimization of supply chain processes..

Track and trace of goods

Transparency and management of supply chain relations
with selectivity criteria

From an overall view to the single detail

GS1 based interoperability

Advanced and intuitive graphics

Data analysis for survey purposes.
Reporting (KPI) and predictive too.

Flexibility for customizations and application developments

Source security and data immutability

Solutions for every industry

Connected Collaborative Community

It is the Cloud platform supporting the Connected Collaborative Community, a collaborative and proactive network between suppliers, customers and stakeholders.

Managing and sharing information in a targeted way, viewing and processing it in real time to optimize resources. It is the optimal solution to achieve operational excellence and ambitious goals.

The conceptual model is based on three founding elements: history, events and relationships.


Preservation of documents and events, digitally archived in a continuous and systematic way, to process final and predictive data analysis, thanks to Data Science techniques (Data Mining, Analytics, Machine Learning, with Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence modules).


Capture, processing and possibly sharing in real time of data relating to events along the supply chain make processes visible and business objectives more easily pursued.


With the creation of one-to-one relationships, the Supply Chain becomes a Connected Collaborative Community: you decide what to share and with whom, to increase the performance of your network.

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