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Cloud computing

XTAP and our solutions are available in Cloud Computing to allow companies to use services safely, with the best performance, with low costs, without the burden of maintenance and updates. The services can be scalable and allow even smaller companies to enjoy the same potential as large companies.

Cloud Computing

Big Data analytics

The constant process of digitization has led to the collection of an ever-increasing number of data; data that are not, however, easily manageable by traditional databases, both for the complexity and for the volumes. The collection and analysis of relevant data along the processes of both the individual company and the supply chain are the key to an efficient decision-making process using advanced navigation and processing techniques.

Big Data analytics

Artificial intelligence & machine learning

Collected and managed data facilitate the optimization of processes thanks to artificial intelligences, for example using image recognition algorithms, deductive and predictive analysis methods, language interpretation engines. Our solutions use Machine Learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence concepts to speed up the information extrapolation process.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Distributed Ledger (DL)

XTAP uses information structures such as Distributed Ledger (aka Blockchain) to make the content of data exchanged with the partners in the supply chain certain, secure and immutable. In the same way, the 'notarization' can be applied to the documents attached in the various stages of the process (certifications, certificates, administrative documents). DL technology allows the creation of electronic contract mechanisms defined between the supply chain partners.

Distributed Ledger (DL)

Internet of Things

The term IoT implies a network of interconnected systems combining hardware, software, microprocessors, sensors and databases. It is able to capture, identify and process data from the physical world using the internet as a means of communication. XTAP is a multilevel architecture that hosts the various layers starting from the integration with the IOT world through special Edge Gateways capable of managing the periphery of the sensors and actuators using the most consolidated connection protocols.

Internet of Things (IoT)