About Us

About Us

We are an innovative startup, founded by a team of I.T. specialists who have gained considerable experience in consulting and domain fields. We deliver a complete panel of services to enhance end-to-end traceability and visibility, based on our XTAP infrastructure. We offer consultancy, services, traceability solutions for supply chains of all sizes and complexities. We support companies in the processes, according to the specific needs of the customer and we work so that the information of interest collected in the Supply Chain transformed into Connected Collaborative Community, can be selectively shared among the supply chain partners.

About us

We offer data analysis and management services, based on Data Science technologies and techniques, in terms of Big Data, Data Mining, Analytics and Machine Learning, with modules of Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence and data security and immutability through technologies Distributed Ledgers (aka Blockchain). The Connected Collaborative Community model for which we created XTAP was born from our vision. The project is the result of many years of studies and experience gained in the Supply Chain Management application sectors, the stimulus induced by business changes and the drive towards the new sustainable economy in the production and globalized trade sectors.

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Strengthened by the skills acquired over the year, we look to the future by investing in continuous research and innovation, on business models and new technologies, also thanks to the collaboration with various research centers, first of all the Links Foundation, Research Center of the Turin Polytechnic

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