Our Business Solutions

In a Digital Supply Chain area, it is no longer enough to develop a good product but you need to know how to collect and use the data that the process produces (Digital Twin, Information Shadow).

The efficiency of the supply chain brings economic and competitive value to each company.

Our innovative management model changes the perspective of observation of the supply chain and makes it easier to achieve business objectives.

Business Solution

As a Cloud services infrastructure .at the service of the digital transformation of your Supply Chain.

The XTAP platform favors the definition of collaborative relationships for operators and allows to accurately define the collection and sharing of data with B2B and B2B2C supply chain partners.

The collection, connection and use of data from each single product unit in each phase of the Supply Chain and the personalized relational system between the players (what I share and with whom) are among the strengths of XTAP.

From raw materials, to the individual components of the product, up to the final consumer who receives information, guarantees, promotions, advertising campaigns and can integrate with their own feedback.

Supply Chain XTAP

Best practices and benchmarking

Analysis and prediction of the supply flow of goods in real time;

Certification of origin and quality of the production process and of the raw materials used;

Control of the chain of custody of perishable goods along the supply chain (e.g. cold chain);

Service management for servitization approaches with predictive capabilities;

Control and recall of unsuitable goods with identification of responsibilities and mitigation of damage, including damage to image;

Flow control for optimal logistic management and waste reduction purposes;

Certification and compliance to inter-operate with Bodies and Control Authorities;

Digital management based on Big Data of critical production-logistics processes;

Control of KPI indices for the achievement of sustainability or supply chain resilience objectives;

Control of the flow of logistic assets that can be reused for sustainability or circular economy purposes;

Promotion, control and certification of the production process along the end-to-end supply chain at lot, secondary packaging or single item / package level;

XTAP is compliant with GS1 standards and is designed to interoperate with any internal system or other supply chains for data exchange.

EPCIS / CBV is one of the most important standards in the GS1 integrated matrix; is the standard for identifying, capturing process event data and exchanging such data along the end-to-end supply chain (from raw material to consumer). Today it constitutes the state-of-the-art model in the management of goods flows along the supply chain and represents a global best practice that is making the cooperation of large and small operators possible along global supply chains

XTAP standard GS1