Traceability and visibility end to end

Traceability and visibility end to end: XelionTech is the only company able to provide full traceability, end-to-end with its standard software platforms GS1.

XelionTech allows full Traceability and visibility end to end, with collection, connection, use of data of each single unit of the product at each stage of the supply chain (from the raw materials, to the individual components of the product up to the final consumer, receiving information, guarantees, promotions, advertising campaigns and helps with their feedback).

The information is detected, depending on whether the stages of production - logistics - distribution - sale with unique codes and / or sensors by means of high technology suitable equipment.

Tracciabilita e visibilità end to end

The traceability of end-to-end and its many advantages


Be more efficient and maximize performance in every way, well beyond regulatory compliance. In addition to identifying counterfeit products and protect your earnings, the data can also be used to track and better manage raw materials, resources, trash, Inventory, product recalls and warranty costs.


The authenticity and visibility provided by traceability solutions enable you to establish an unquestionable trust with suppliers and customers. For the customers, your brand becomes a proven symbol of quality, safety and authenticity. For suppliers, traceability eliminates the need to conduct thorough testing at every point of transaction in the supply chain.

Tracciabilita e visibilità end to end


With diminishing resources and rising costs, Sustainability is increasingly important. Traceability serves to ensure fair trade, optimize available resources, reduce waste, reuse materials and even sell industrial products. Traceability is the key to the analysis of the product life cycle that leads to understanding and controlling the environmental and social impact of your products.

Tracciabilita e visibilità end to end

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Did you know that traceability can also greatly improve marketing initiatives? For example, These solutions can be used to manage campaigns, create data to forecast demand and to increase customer interaction through loyalty programs and product loyalty applications


In terms of safety, traceability provides valuable research tools to help you monitor the conditions in the supply chain, improving the quality control and limiting rendered. Traceability also helps meet regulatory compliance, which in turn helps ensure product integrity, to protect the security and prevent fraud.

Tracciabilita e visibilità end to end


Traceability solutions allow you to connect to a large number of suppliers, including small producers. Along with the acquisition of data and geolocation, The visibility provided allows you to understand the suppliers and their performance, as well as to monitor their social and environmental impact.

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